7 Tips to Buy Bass Guitar

Before you buy bass guitar there are some things you need to check out first. Since you’ll be dishing out your hard earned cash you need to make an informed decision. To get the most bang for your buck, do a little research and testing before choosing the best bass for you. Here are some tips to get you started.

Get the Feel

If you are buying your first bass it’s best to buy it in a local music shop. Although it may cost a little more you’ll be able to handle it and get it serviced more readily if need be. Once you take it off the rack and get it in your hands don’t hesitate to play with it. This will give you a feel for the guitar and whether it is meant for you or not. You should always do this before buying any instrument.


If the bass feels right to you then start with the inspection. If it’s a new bass make sure that it doesn’t have any nicks, blemishes, scratches or damage of any kind. Check the back as well as the front of the instrument. If you’re buying a used bass guitar there is bound to be some wear and nicks, but make sure there is no significant damage.

Check the Neck

Angle the neck so you can see if it’s straight. The fret board should be made evenly for comfortable placement of the finger when playing. Neck-through designs are stronger and provide greater sustain while bolt-on necks give you that punchier sound.

Nuts and Bolts

Every detail should be inspected before you buy bass guitar. The truss rods should be working correctly as well as the tailpiece and bridge. The tuning keys should be switched easily. For less future maintenance you may want a bass with enclosed machine heads as they will resist corrosion and rust.


The woodwork should be smooth to the touch. Different woods provide different tone and also factors into the weight of the guitar. The weight will be important depending on whether you will be spending most of your time standing or sitting when playing your bass.


Electric bass guitars require the use of an amplifier so make sure you are hooked up to one when checking it out. This is the only way you can really hear the sound and it also makes sure that the electronics are working properly. Basses come in a variety of passive and active pickups. If you choose a bass with active pickups just remember that battery replacement will be needed at some point.

Experience and Patience

Try being patient and don’t rush in and buy the first bass you see, try out many as you can and in varying scale lengths. If the bass guitar is new to you, then you should try bringing along someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable. After you’ve selected one that feels right to you, let him play and examine it so he can tell you if it is worth buying or not.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the perfect bass right off the bat. There are many other dealers around which carry different inventory so just keep shopping around and eventually you will buy bass guitar that suits your needs.


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