Basses Made by Vox – Yup Basses!

Well known for their amplifiers, Vox also delved into the bass making business throughout the 1960s.

They started out making "copycat" basses but later on they became very creative, to say the least, with unique designs all their own.

Find out more about Vox basses at Vintage Bass Guitar


One Response to “Basses Made by Vox – Yup Basses!”

  1. Allen Holland Says:

    Back in the late sixties when I was an aspiring bass player I had a Vox Stroller bass which was when I look back was just terrible guitar. I broke the tuning peg on the d string and used to tune up using pliers. One of friends got a Vox Teardrop which I thought was fantastic until I got a Fender Precision and I never looked back. Since then I got a real job and became a police officer. Now retired and for my sins I now have a Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass and a Musicman Stingray. I just smile when I think of the Vox Stroller and think how good life was very much easier than today’s world.

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