Bass Guitar Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Songbooks

These songbooks are designed so you can play along to many of the best-known Led Zeppelin classics in the comfort of your own home.

These TABs and tracks deliver unprecedented accuracy and insight into the music of Led Zeppelin and the style of John Paul Jones. All new transcriptions and tracks were drawn from more than 30 years of documentation, interviews and recorded footage.

Each book includes complete music notation and TAB transcriptions to eight Led Zeppelin classics. There are two versions of every song on the included CDs: an instrumental sound-alike recording, and an instrumental accompaniment track (without bass) so you can play along.  

When you use the CDs in your Mac or Windows-based computer, the TNT (Tone ā€™Nā€™ Tempo) Changer lets you easily loop sections for practice, slow tracks down or speed them up without changing the pitch, change the key, and switch back and forth between full instrumental and accompaniment tracks.

There are two separate volumes you can get:

Volume 1 includes:

Black Dog

  1. Communication Breakdown
  2. Dazed and Confused
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Immigrant Song
  5. Rock and Roll
  6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  7. Whole Lotta Love

Volume 2 includes:

  1. Stairway to Heaven
  2. The Song Remains the Same
  3. Over the Hills and Far Away
  4. Trampled Under Foot
  5. Kashmir
  6. Achilles Last Stand
  7. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  8. All My Love

Here at Vintage Bass Guitar we’re glad to see bass play-along songbooks for Led Zeppelin, who were one of the most successful and influential bands of the 1970s.


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