Les Claypool Designing Own Unique Bass

Les Claypool was sporting a mystery bass while performing at Primus’ New Year’s Eve shows and he has finally let the cat out of the bag.

According to Les, what he played was a prototype that “I designed and had built by my old pal Dan Maloney.”

You may, or may not know, that Claypool's "Banji" was also built by Maloney.

Les mentioned that it's a design that he has been working on for awhile now which incorporates some elements from his favorite basses. "Besides my own design fanciness, it is part Fender Jazz Bass, Precision, Rickenbacker 4001, Carl Thompson, Jaguar E-Type (yes, the car) and a bit of Dr. Suess… Ideally some of these instruments I’m developing will be available at some point but I want to work with and refine the bass for a while before we start selling them.”

Claypool has typically been associated with Carl Thompson basses, so he's going to have to raise the bar with his new bass.

Les went on to say: “I am a picky bastard and for me to put my Carl Thompson aside, this has got to be an exceptional instrument. Some may wonder why I didn’t have Carl make the instrument and the answer is that Carl is a unique artist and his designs stand on their own. Carl’s instruments are beautiful because they are all unique unto themselves.”

Well, no arguing with that. Just don't expect to purchase Claypool's design anytime soon.

To read about some truly unique classic basses check out Vintage Bass Guitar.


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