Steinberger “Headless” Vintage Bass Guitar

So what do you do when you want to try something different than build cabinets or design ergonomic furniture? Well, what about designing bass guitars? That may not seem like the next logical step on your career path but that's what Ned Steinberger did and he gave us the L2 or "Headless" vintage bass guitar.

Now, if you're a purist you probably prefer the look of a traditional beautifully carved wood bass with sweeping curves. If that's the case you would probably think that a headless bass made out of graphite is a monstrosity, many did. But Steinberger didn't design this bass for aesthetic reasons he based it on ergonomics as he did with his furniture. He felt the typical bass was unbalanced because the heavy tuners are located at the end of the long neck, so he decided to move the tuners to the butt end of the bass. This led to an interesting design, to say the least, and one which was not readily accepted.

Read more about this bass at: Vintage Bass Guitar


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