Win a Free Bass Lesson (via Skype) from Marcus Miller

February 24, 2011
To celebrate the release of Marcus Miller's latest album "A Night In Monte-Carlo" Concord Music Group is doing something cool.They are running a contest where the grand prize is a bass lesson with Marcus Miller via Skype.

Check out the details and sign-up here: Marcus Miller

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B.C. Rich and Their Vintage Bass Guitars of the 70s & early 80s

February 21, 2011

B.C. Rich created some unusual guitar shapes that were, and still are, very popular. Their first truly unique design was the Mockingbird which appeared in 1976. In 1981 B.C. Rich gave us their most famous bass model the Warlock.

Their unconventional body styles are what set B.C. Rich apart from other manufacturers of guitars.

Check out the full story here: Vintage Bass Guitars

Gerald Veasley’s 2011 Bass BootCamp

February 19, 2011
Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp was founded in 2002 by Gerald Veasley, Roxanne Veasley and Lee Patterson. Since that time, the bootcamp has served more than 500 bass players from around the world. The players learn, perform and are exposed to many of the leading bass players along with bass related music concerts.
This year marks a milestone as it is the 10th anniversary Bass Boot Camp, and they have announced that Rhonda Smith will be one of the instructors along with Veasley, Adam Nitti, Jimmy Haslip, Anthony Wellington, David Dyson, Bryan Beller and Richard Waller.

The camp is open to all bassists, from beginners to advanced and runs from March 25 through 27, 2011 in Wyomissing, PA.

Check out all the details here: Bass Bootcamp

Vintage Bass Guitar suggests you check it out soon if interested as space is limited.

Victor Wooten Bass Clinic Dates

February 17, 2011
Hartke Amplification has provided Victor Wooten's bass clinic dates. If you're anywhere in the area you'll definitely want to check it out.

"In March Victor Wooten will be touring with the Victor Wooten Band and hosting Hartke in store bass clinics at selected Hartke dealers. Meet, hear, and learn from the most in demand bassist and teacher anywhere. Victor clinics will open your eyes to many new possibilities no matter what instrument you play. Details below" -Hartke

Clinic Dates:

Tuesday, March 15 – Minneapolis, MN
Twin Town Guitars (2PM)
3400 South Lyndale Ave. Minneapolis, MN

Friday, March 18th – New Berlin, WI
Cascio Interstate Music (2PM)
13819 West National Ave. New Berlin, WI

Monday, March 21st – Rochester, NY
House of Guitars (2PM)
645 Titus Ave. Rochester, NY

Wednesday, March 23rd – Sterling, VA
Melodee Music (2PM)
46077 Lake Center Plaza Sterling, VA

Thursday, March 14th – Boston, MA
Daddy’s Junky Music (2PM)
159-165 Mass Ave. Boston, MA

Friday, March 25th – New York, NY
Sam Ash Music (1-3PM)
160 W. 48th St. New York, NY

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Become an Ampeg Product demonstrator at The London Bass Guitar Show

February 12, 2011
Do you have what it takes to be a demonstrator for one of the world's leading bass amplification brands? Ampeg is offering one lucky winner the chance to win not only this opportunity but also the prospect of walking away with Ampeg gear worth in excess of £2000. Here's what they have to say…

As a demonstrator the winner will be at the forefront of the low end scene, demonstrating the hottest Ampeg gear live at the new London Bass Guitar Show 2011. Then the winner gets to take home with the Ampeg SVT7Pro Head, SVT410HLF Cab and SVT15E Cab with a total RRP of £2103 inc. VAT.

If you think you have what it takes to demonstrate these amazing products email them at and upload a video of yourself showing how you can display your bass playing abilities. Your performance, exhibiting all things low end, will be judged by the editor of Bass Guitar Magazine and a senior member of the Loud Technologies Inc. / Ampeg team.

Check out all the details here:London Bass Guitar Show

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Les Claypool Designing Own Unique Bass

February 10, 2011
Les Claypool was sporting a mystery bass while performing at Primus’ New Year’s Eve shows and he has finally let the cat out of the bag.

According to Les, what he played was a prototype that “I designed and had built by my old pal Dan Maloney.”

You may, or may not know, that Claypool's "Banji" was also built by Maloney.

Les mentioned that it's a design that he has been working on for awhile now which incorporates some elements from his favorite basses. "Besides my own design fanciness, it is part Fender Jazz Bass, Precision, Rickenbacker 4001, Carl Thompson, Jaguar E-Type (yes, the car) and a bit of Dr. Suess… Ideally some of these instruments I’m developing will be available at some point but I want to work with and refine the bass for a while before we start selling them.”

Claypool has typically been associated with Carl Thompson basses, so he's going to have to raise the bar with his new bass.

Les went on to say: “I am a picky bastard and for me to put my Carl Thompson aside, this has got to be an exceptional instrument. Some may wonder why I didn’t have Carl make the instrument and the answer is that Carl is a unique artist and his designs stand on their own. Carl’s instruments are beautiful because they are all unique unto themselves.”

Well, no arguing with that. Just don't expect to purchase Claypool's design anytime soon.

To read about some truly unique classic basses check out Vintage Bass Guitar.

The Fender Bass V Guitar

February 7, 2011
Fender is no stranger when it comes to being the first to create a unique instrument… (Precision Bass anyone?)

It should therefore be no surprise to anyone to learn that in 1965 Fender produced the first 5-string bass ever made, the Bass V. What might surprise you, however, was its lack of success.

The Bass V was oddly designed but even stranger was how that 5th string was used. These factors combined gave Fender another first… it was the first Fender bass to be discontinued.

You can read about this unique instrument here: Fender Bass Guitar.

The Vintage Black Widow Bass by Acoustic

February 5, 2011

Black Widow was a perfect name given to this bass. It had a black finish with a large red pad on the backside that had an hourglass design stitched into it, what else could it be called? It was a really cool looking and sounding instrument which was mostly made in Japan during the early 1970s.

Sold by amplifier maker Acoustic, it was actually manufactured by several different companies during its brief lifespan. One of these companies was Mosrite, as Semie Moseley reportedly made a few hundred Black Widow guitars and basses.

For more information check out Vintage Acoustic.

Marcus Miller “A Night in Monte-Carlo” Contest: Enter to win CDs, DR Strings, Back Stage Passes, etc.

February 3, 2011
As a bassist, composer, producer and all-around musical artist Marcus Miller has been a student and a leader, a creator and an interpreter of music since his teenage years.

His latest album, A Night in Monte-Carlo made its U.S. debut on February 1. To celebrate its release, the Concord Music Group along with DR Strings joined forces to give you a chance to win some cool prizes.

The Grand Prize consists of 2 backstage passes to a Marcus Miller show, an autographed copy of "A Night in Monte-Carlo" and four sets of "Fat Beams" bass strings. But even if you don't win the grand prize there will be an assortment of prizes given out to 25 other winners.

You can check out the details and fill out the entry form at this link: Marcus Miller.

When your done why not visit Fender Bass to learn about the signature bass that Marcus Miller uses.

Victor Wooten Releases New Album

January 31, 2011



A Show of Hands - 15

Fifteen years after releasing his groundbreaking debut CD:A Show of Hands, 5-time Grammy winner Victor Wooten is doing it again with his first release of 2011: A Show of Hands – 15.

Celebrating the fifteen-year anniversary of the original release in 1996, A Show of Hands – 15 hits the streets in March, which will also mark the launch of VIX RECORDS – Victor’s new self owned record label.

Years ago, Wooten shocked the music world by doing something no one had ever done before. With only two hands, one 4-string bass guitar, and no overdubs, he secured his place in history by releasing a masterful CD that raised the level and credibility of the instrument into a class previously reserved only for pianist and guitarist.

A Show of Hands – 15 is a re-mastered version that includes 3 bonus tracks, two of which feature Wooten’s longtime friend and drummer JD Blair, as well as an unedited live solo performance showcasing Wooten’s astonishing command of the bass guitar.

Heralded as “the Michael Jordan of the bass” and “the most influential bassist since Jaco Pastorius”, Victor has gone on to win just about every award possible for a bass guitarist, including Bass Player Magazine’s Bassist of the Year Award (which he won three times – the only person to win it more than once.)

Beginning with A Show of Hands – 15, Victor Wooten will begin taking complete control of his creations by releasing all of his future recordings through VIX RECORDS. Wooten says of his label, “We aim to provide, by example, a different standard and model for record labels and artists, as well as for how they relate to each other. Following my successful approach of creating Music that focuses on filling my soul rather than my pockets, I’ve found that this is the best recipe for doing both.“

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